NEW 1.5K Colonia Classic Drone Photo’s

New photo’s taken from our drone of the 1.5k Colonia Classic 3 are now online here.

1.5K Drone2041

Drone photo’s from the rest of the week will be uploaded in the next few days.

New Drone Photo’s from The Round the Islands Swim

Drone Photo’s from The 4.5K Round the Island swim are now online here.

4.5K Drone2006

New Drone Photo’s Uploaded

Photo’s taken from our drone have now been uploaded.

These photo’s are from the 5K Colonia Classic Phoencian Trading Point.

5KDrone2004Phoencian Trading Point Drone2004Drone photo’s from the rest of the week will be added tomorrow.

NEW 5K Colonia Classic Photo’s

New photo’s from The 5K Colonia Classic are now online here.

Over 400 new photo’s from Sunday the 24th.

5KColoniaClassic1196Due to limiting wifi and time we weren’t able to upload these previously.